Art by Henrik V. Groth

Art By Henrik V. Groth

My Art Journey

 My creative journey started in 2010, most surpringly, and in 2017 it really became obvious that it was my new path to enjoy.

In 2010 i had explored photography for many years. Black and white when i was in my twenties, then color photography came.

I had 2 courses in painting with light and tried some old techniques but mostly in B/W, but I longed for more Colors.

I ended up getting a bit bored by the perfect picture. When i got an Ipad, new inspiration made me tweak photos and experiment a lot.

When trying the outer limits of the Snapseed app something started, my photograps ended up in a sort of digital Art.

In 2012 i joined a small exhibition and another one in 2013, mostly altered photograpies were shown.

In the summer of 2013 i got 2 pictures chosen for a censured exhibition.

Then I got a new job, and my creativity was paused for a while. In 2017 I started drawing for good, Pencils, watercolors,brushes, coal, inks and pastels.

- But most surprisingly an Ipad Pro with an Apple pencil gave me the freedom to experiment. And my Learning curve speeded up.

I like to think of my Ipad Pro and Apple Pencil as just another tool alongside my brushes, watercolors, inks, and pencils and try to combine them to keep a hand-crafted feel to my work.

By using traditional drawing techniques and textures, you can create a tactile, imperfect piece that can be scanned and imported. Then coloured and enhanced with editable, digital layering a whole new Piece of Art emerges. Using traditional paper or watercolor cotton paper and a Canon printer is an approach to give an Artistic look. These combined techniques gives you the best of both worlds........ 

I have the which is very powerful. Its an Award winning app that designers, artists and even architects lately has taken to their hearts.

Actually i find it much better than the costly Corel Painter and my Wacom Cintiq 22 HD touch.

It is capable of doing most of what an artist requires. And It has clearly been designed with the traditional artist in mind and most of the options are very intuitively located. 

In other words, you don’t have to be "tech savvy" to find success.

That being said, it does take some getting used to. But all drawing and painting mediums, whether they be traditional or digital, require this as well. 

A ton of brushes, layers, redo, undo, selections, makes the possibillity to experiment and promotes a fast learning curve.

I use the Snapseed app  to adjust the picture. 

It has  become an enjoyable habit to paint and draw every day.

2019 i retired and now Soft Pastels on Pastel paper is e nice medium to make the colors pop and get my hands working and feel the picture grow in real life. Time to practice is nice........and essential to grow as an artist.

My passion ! 


            Henrik Vilhelm Groth


Henrik V. Groth